Westward Transportation Inc.

Commercial transport services
across Western Canada

About Westward

We own a variety of trucks and trailers such as tractors, some equipped with wet-kits, winch trucks, hot shot and pilot vehicles, highboys, lowboys, some are extendable and some with jeeps and/or boosters, double drops, equipment trailers, and super-bees. We are committed to providing co-operative, professional and responsible employees to help us to achieve a higher standard of excellence, and thereby helping our customers to be more powerful competitors. Our mission is to provide courteous, on-time, environmentally safe transportation for the equipment and materials of our customers and to provide a safe work environment for all employees. Westward Transportation Inc. embraces the opportunity to help our customers, the community and the trucking industry as a whole to become more environmentally aware. With everyone's help, this company can accomplish this goal.


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