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About WTI Rentals

WTI Rentals Limited, an Alberta corporation founded in 2012, is located near the Anthony Henday and the Yellowhead near Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Alberta – in close proximity to key locations; that being the Alberta Industrial Heartland and Fort McMurray. The company was formed. Today’s operation includes a full compliment of industrial trailers and equipment, suitable to the various needs of customers. The company’s reputation has grown significantly since 2012, with the considerable experience and vast knowledge of its key officers. As a result, the company has attracted and retained well founded, key construction and oilfield sector customers. WTI Rentals has a balanced portfolio of customers consisting of dedicated and contracted customers and others that maximize the resources yet allows for flexibility in attracting new business. Financially, the company is a solid entity that developed and maintained its financial strength through its reliable business practices and competitive spirit. The annual financial statements depict a growth profile that matches any company’s objectives of growth and sustainability. The company’s success to date is as a direct result of its officers and its employees. WTI was founded and is lead by a group of Officers that maintain a significant level of experience and expertise. The staff is very reliable and most have been with the Company for an extended period of time.

Specialized Equipment

WTI and Westward have reinvested significant capital into building a world class fleet of specialized transportation equipment.
Video highlights WTI’s self-steering trombone trailers.


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